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Black Calico HVG 3mg
An array of Danish-inspired pipe tobacco blends. With a Cavendish tobacco base, Black Calico also features delicate notes of Vanilla Bean to round the flavour off superbly
Devlin HVG 3mg
Devlin by Purity features gourmet lashings of sweetened Caramel in a 70%VG blend.
Kringles Curse HVG 3mg
Kringle's Curse is a straight down the line Peppermint vape; light, breezey, and refreshing. Available in a 70%VG blend.
Madagascar Sunrise HVG 3mg
Madagascar Sunrise by Purity eLiquid features a fruit blend of Sweet Lychees and Grapes
Malibu HVG 3mg
Malibu by Purity is characterised by a sweet and tropical Pina Colada basis, along with hints of menthol for a refreshing breeze. Available in 70%VG.
Prime15 HVG 3mg
Prime15 by Purity offers a dry and earthy tobacco mix, with notes of dry sweetness to add an edge to the flavour. Available in 70%VG
Sub Zero HVG 3mg
SubZero High VG eLiquid by Purity is a concentrated explosion of fresh Menthol, with excellent High VG vapour production and a satisfying exhale
Sugar Twist HVG 3mg
Sugar Twist by Purity eLiquid features the flavour of an old-fashioned glazed Doughnut
Toasted Reserve HVG 3mg
Toasted Reserve by Purity eLiquid features a blend of salted Peanuts and Butter
Twisted Turnover HVG 3mg
Twisted Turnover by Purity eLiquid is a Apple Strudel-themed vape juice featuring a blend of tart Apples and Pie Crust.