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Aspire Breeze Charging Dock
Increase your breeze battery capacity to 2000Mah whilst sitting and charging the device very easily. Not only does the breeze docking station charge your device but whilst attached it will greatly improve...
Ego 510 Charger
Fast USB charger for eGo, Neo, or eVod batteries. This is the charger that comes with the standard eGo kit. The eGo fast charger will charge all the eGo batteries, but the larger eGo batteries will take...
Innokin Retractable Mini USB Charger
This charge cable is manufactured by Innokin and is normally supplied with some of the iTaste range. Can be used with most devices that offer a connection via mini USB, the other end is a standard USB...
Micro USB Charging Cable
This USB mains charger is compatible with all devices that use a micro-USB connection. This charger is perfect for most Micro USB fitted port devices.